Pure Wool Yarn by Briggs & Little, Canada’s Oldest Woolen Mill

Fully integrated vertical mill, producing Canadian pure wool spun yarns of various plys and colors. Perfect for hand-knitting, machine-knitting, and crocheting!

Built upon values of tradition and highest quality, Briggs & Little has continued to produce the highest quality of 100% pure wool yarns for generations. We will continue to deliver that same consistent product for years to come!

All of our premium Canada grade wool knitting yarns are made from 100% domestic wool, and are milled, carded, dyed, and spun at our factory in York Mills, New Brunswick, Canada. It’s the same place it’s been for over 150 years.

Today, Briggs & Little is one of the few remaining vertical woolen mills in Canada and North America. For example, our woolen mill performs all of the processes and functions to change raw wool into wool spun yarns and products, all under one roof. Our 100% wool blankets are woven for us right here in Atlantic Canada using our own 100% woolen spun yarns. Mill processes include scouring, dying, blending, carding, spinning, reeling, packaging and labeling.

Try crocheting and knitting wool fabrics with the same hand-knitting yarns that your Grandma and Great Grandma used!

Our products, listed on our website, include Canadian premium wool spun, homespun, traditional spun, wool/nylon blend yarns, and Country Roving unspun yarns. In addition, we offer various plys and colors, knitting patterns, books, catalogues, related accessories, knitting bags, and Canadian made 100% wool blankets.

Our woolen-spun yarns are appropriate for clothing, bedding, and anything else which is intended to provide warmth and wicking.

You will also find helpful information on our website about purchasing yarn, washing and care, how to work with skeins of yarn, knitting the right size, and storing your wool products.

Please checkout our virtual tour on our wool processing methods, including how our product goes from raw materials to the end customer.

Our company is well known by our quality, value and service. Briggs & Little, a Canadian yarn manufacturer, has been in production at the same location here in York Mills, New Brunswick since 1857.

Our yarns are produced on the woolen system using only domestic wools. We offer yarns in 7 weights, ranging from 1760 yds/lb(1572 metres/lb) in 1-ply, to 340yds/lb(308 metres/lb) in 4 ply. In addition, we also have unspun 5 ply, which has 310 yds/lb(282 metres/lb).

We also produce an 80% wool 20% nylon blend which is well suited to projects that get a lot of wear, such as wool socks and mittens.

You will find our yarns in most yarn shops, and you can see our complete line up of products which includes yarn, patterns, and support products such as wool wash, knitting bags etc. on our web site.

Ask for it by name at your local yarn source. Dealer inquires welcome.Lite N Fancy Soft Spun Wool knitting yarn

We have introduced a new selection to our variety of yarns: Soft-Spun “Light N’ Fancy”.

We now offer socks and gloves which are knit with our Durasport 1 ply wool and nylon blend. Pictures are coming soon!!!


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